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Bay State Cyclocross Day 2 Race Report

Dude! I figured out a way to be more efficient with blogging. Just have WICKED BAD races on the weekend and then you have nothing to write about! BAM, done!

Sterling Day 1 was one of those. I should probably confirm with crossresults, but I feel like I've NEVER had a good race at Sterling Day 1 in my life, because it's a windy power course and I'm a soft man. Soooo... I rode around deep in the scrub zone, and when I bobbled twice and got dropped by the last group on the course, it mentally broke me and I packed it the eff in. WAH.

The good thing about that kind of lameness is having to live with your own cranky and regretful self for 24 hours, which meant when we were huddling for warmth before the race on Sunday I had a SIGNIFICANT motivation advantage over my peers.

Aaaand Day 2 had turns. Like, back-to-back turns! Mandatory recovery turns! So then you could go haaaaaaaaahd when you got outta there!

 The random staging gods smiled upon me and I drew literall…

Putney/West Hill Shop CX Race Report

Yo! Too busy this week for proper bloggage, and really, this Putney went just like every other Putney -- take half an hour to find your group, commence barnacle-ing, hang around 'til the last lap and then win the sprint-before-the-sprint to win the group. You want more commentary? Watch the video!

Cycle-Smart International Race Reports

Traditionally, the Cycle-Smart International is where I save my season, on a sprinter and handler's course, drafting strong riders for 59 minutes and then dumping them at the end.

Unfortunately, this year's season hasn't really needed to be saved, because I've been riding "well" by my own mediocre standards.  So I treated Noho like a normal race, instead of my one final chance to redeem things, and did stuff like TRAINING and BUILDING THE COURSE during the week.  Then I was tired and my legs were JUNK on both days.  What!

CSI Day 1
Drew a back row start.  Felt like I sprinted up to a decent position on the pavement, but the chainstay cam reveals a whole lotta airspace behind me at that point.  Then we all stood around on the run-up waiting for traffic to clear, and then it was off to the races!

It was quickly apparent that my bad legs and bad start position meant that forward progress was pretty much impossible on my own, and I wasn't riding up to ANYONE…