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NBX GP of Cross Race Reports

So, that whole Ice Weasels thing kinda got in the way of talking about the season finale of actually-trying-hard at NBX. But, I did eventually pull together two relatively nice chainstay cams from it, so now that the dust is settled, it's time to LOG THAT CONTENT.

Day one of NBX is my favorite dirt crit in the world. I don't know what else to say. It's not especially technical, and there's lot of pedaling, but you do it at such a high rate of speed that as long as you can find a suitable wheel-teat to suckle on, it's fun! ("fun")

This year they had two new randomly awesome features, the mini-flyover and "the logs." The mini flyover was a totally pointless, er, sweet bridge over a fence that even relatively non-rad XC mountain bikers like myself could gap jump. The logs were some big-ass logs that were basically as tall as regulation barriers, but had a nice flat spot on top for all your front-wheel tapping needs.

(Mountain bikers ne…

Ice Weasels Cometh Promotion Report

This year's Ice Weasels was, like every year, a new level of insanity.  This time around we bought a flyover, cut a woods trail, and dropped USAC sanctioning.

Each of these things ended up being a ton of work.  The flyover, especially, was an epic boondoggle that we are still trying to figure out the cost of.  The only thing I'm sure of, so far, is that the prices the Goguens had been charging us to build the flyover each year were a STEAL.  This year's flyover is looking like it will end up costing nearly 3x what a Goguen-flyover costs, so even if we set it up for free for 2 more years (which we won't), we still don't break even until IWC 2014.

That being said, it was a totally baller flyover and I'm ecstatic with how smoothly/safely it rode!

Between the flyover and the woods trail, we spent an entire extra day building the course over years past.  By Friday evening, my frail programmer body had been SHATTERED by two straight days of manual labor, and the act…