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Promoter Madness & Race Report Catchup

Hey, blog, remember me? That guy who used to write stuff on you? Yeahhh. I'm back! You still love me, right? Right??

It's Gloucester week. Gloucester is staging by points. It's the most awesome legitimization of the last three years of my work I could ever ask for. It's also completely terrifying. There is no way, with 1600 racers, that everything will go perfectly. Someone, somewhere, will end up staging further back than they think they should be. Just as long as they don't know where I live...

The awesome thing is that that's not even the craziest thing I'm pulling together this week. We're doing this little race you might have heard of next Wednesday and holy crap, it's out of control. Baker of Hearts is on the staff so I am perpetually inundated with an inbox of "enthusiasm." No, Chip, we cannot give everyone who registers a puppy. Stop asking.

Seriously though, this thing would never happen without Chi…

Cross Vegas Video

I am not cool enough to go to Vegas, but Linnea is. I gave her the camera, with instructions to generate me some non-embarrassing blog content, since all I have is videos of me getting dropped by Cary.

This is her contribution:
Cross Vegas Elite Women Lap 1 from colin reuter on Vimeo.
I stayed up until 1:30 AM watching the live/broken video feed from cyclingdirt. One of the highlights was her coming up over the barriers, getting cheered on by Richard Fries, and then botching a remount with the camera focused on her. I asked about it and got this response:

"I was like, "oh god there's a crazy person on the wrong side of the barriers" and got distracted."

In case you forgot, Linnea rides for Embrocation Cycling Journal, which is a true cycling brand, not like my thing, which is mainly a website with a server that catches fire on Mondays.

I will go fight a fire now, enjoy the video. No, I don't know where you're staging at Gloucester yet.

Green Mountain Cyclocross Day 1 Race Report

Race reports! Do we still do these, internet? Or do we just update our Facebook status and be done with it? God, I hope not.

Anyway, Day 1 in Vermont was yet another iteration of the long-gradual-climbing course they like to run up there. It is not "real cross" IMO, but of course, it is a "bike race" and therefore one should shut up and race it. The 2-minute power section from before the start line to the top of the hill, though? Gross. Same with the climb from the barriers to the top of the BMX track, although you could at least argue that cleaning the BMX track takes skill.

I remember thinking 20 seconds into the holeshot, "oh, this is going fine" right before getting bottled up dead center of the pack and having 10 guys pass me. Whoops. It was ok, though, because when we hit the first turn that required braking, two guys crashed on the inside and the crash spilled out until it was tape-to-tape, slowing a ton of people. I snuck by like a tape-…

Green Mountain Cyclocross Day 2 Bar Camn

Not a typo. A "Camn" is just a cam that looks damnnnnn good.

Green Mountain Cyclocross Day 2 Bar Cam from colin reuter on Vimeo.
Lap highlights:
* Josh Lehmann arms hitting my brake hoods as he tries to avoid the scorer's table in the start
* A Keough crashing on the down/up and trying to go upstream with his bike to get out of the fray
* Greg Whitney getting cleaned out by an unknown Canadian on a 180
* Riding the rideup in traffic
* Slamming the door on someone (Matt Green maybe?) who tried to dive bomb me on the descent after the rideup.

Precross Rambling

It was only a matter of time. My plan of "do as much stuff as you can before you die" has finally backfired and now I have TOO MUCH STUFF TO DO. The blog is now far enough down the todo list that I can barely do it justice, but with cross season coming up I'm hoping for a resurgence starting next week. For now, let's catch up.

I'm writing this from the Sun Valley airport as I prepare to miss a connection in
Salt Lake City. I'm in Sun Valley because my brother is out here (I've done this before) and I had this funny idea that a bunch of endurance rides at altitude were gonna somehow save my cross season. Am I right? Probably not, but I'm not even sure it needs saving. Talk to me after Gloucester.

But let's back up. I did the Treasure Valley Rally a few weeks back, and didn't write it up. GOSH, I WONDER WHY??

TVR is the hardest mountain bike course I've raced this year, possibly ever. It's as technical as the Gloucester Grind,…