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Green Mountain Stage Race Report

I did this race last year and got my butt handed to me on 3 out of 4 stages.  But it was so fun!  I don't know why!  So I came back.  I dunno.  It's different and hard and great and beautiful and expensive and hard.

Did I mention it's hard?

So yeah.

Stage 1:  TT Last year I got crushed in the TT, but I set a power record for 18 minutes, so it still made me feel good because 'cross season is just around the corner and I feel like setting power records on the cusp of cross season is a good thing.
(I can't tell you how low this number is because you'll laugh at me)
So the goal this year was to set a power record again.  And I met my goal!
But, I only beat 4 out of 67 people because TT's are dumb and other people are good pedaling and being aerodynamic.
The Official B2C2 General Classification Threat (tm) started 60 seconds behind me and caught me about 12 minutes in.  I did not provide a draft as I am a SPORTSMAN not a cheater (yeah Lance, you heard me) but ro…