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All The Mediocre Race Reports

Hey.  So I bet you think I quit blogging, just like everyone else on the internet except Ryan.  And you're mostly right!  The thing is, after 7 years of doing poorly in a variety of unique ways, I've pretty much covered every angle on "so I went out and rode bikes and it didn't go so well."  And that, unfortunately, is all I've been up to since we last talked.

It all started when I legitimately didn't suck at the Fat Tire Classic.  Golly gosh, I thought, this whole more-volume riding lifestyle is working!  I might actually be fit, or something!

Obviously this meant that riding even more would make me EVEN faster.  So I did.  I won't regale you with the tales of how high my volume was, because then you'll realize that "high volume" for me is the same as "normal riding week" for most people, or a "bad weather recovery week in late December" for Uri.

Anyway I thought these actions might make me kind of fast at Weeping Wi…