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How the Leg was Skewered (tm)

So, I haven't blogged in fifteen months, because like I said last time, after 12 years in the game I'm pretty much out of novel experiences in cycling.  But good news!  We had a NOVEL EXPERIENCE this past weekend!

The B2C2 squad was dialed at the Lime Rock GP, we had our best rider up the road in a 3-man break, and I was moving up on the last lap with our best sprinter in tow, so we were totally winning the field sprint.  Then I was on the ground with a thru axle skewer in my leg.  Wait, what?

Here are the actual riding actions that led to the crash.

So as this guy in front of me goes down, I have nowhere to go but to bail off my bike and land on his, with my knee folded against his front fork.  Imagine if you were trail running and suddenly tripped on a tall rock, and you just fell onto the ground knee-first.  That's what happened.  Except that my knee hit his fork, and his fork had a very pointy thru axle lever at the end of it, and I put all my weight into the tip of sai…

One Graph To Rule Them All

I get asked a few times a year about registration trends, but people mostly just want to see "that graph that shows everyone registers at the last minute."  Instead of digging up the powerpoint it was in and forwarding it to someone, I'm posting it HERE so I can never have to search for that file again.

Of the registrations that are received in the final month leading up to an event:

66% come in the final week that reg is open.48% come in the final 3 days that reg is open.25% come in the final day that reg is open.