Body Rebellion

Today I "raced" at Putney. It went very... slowly.

I started a little fast.

Then my back started to hurt a lot. Then I got a cramp in my stomach.

Then my hamstrings started to hurt because my back was pulling on them. Then I got chills from dehydration.

Then I got off my bike to try to stretch.

This is what I look like when I realize someone is taking a picture of me having a horrible race:

Linnea endoed, hyperextended her knee, and then rode 4 laps. She has far more legitimate reasons for not riding fast than I did.

Alex had a much better race than either of us. Here she is, expressing her joy.



gewilli said…
"Then I got chills from dehydration."

You dehydrate even riding with a big suck bag?


dat is impressive
Colin R said…
well, the chain of events was kind of like...

1) get stomach cramp
2) stop drinking because of cramp
3) get dehydrated
josh said…
that headshot of alex is begging for a funny caption, photoshopped in
BikeSnobNYC said…
I was recently undone in a MTB race myself. It was man vs. nature, and nature won...

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