Just another day commuting

Two things that happened with 3 minutes of each other riding home the other day:

1) A wanna-be fixed gear freestyler is trying to trackstand at the light in front of me, but he doesn't know how to do it so he's twisting his bars back and forth and rolling forward super-slowly. Then, the light turns green, and he responds by falling over because he can't get out of his toe clip.

I laughed at him as he lay on the ground, but it was a nice kind of laugh. He knew he deserved it.

2) Not even a mile later, the guy in front of me almost gets cleaned out by the car-turning-left-through-stopped-traffic move.

He shouts something expressing his surprise, fear, and disgust as he slams on the brakes.

The car that almost hit him stops on its way down the side street, the driver leans out the window and yells, "I DIDN'T SEE YOU!"

The guy responds with "THAT'S OK!!" and rides off happily.

And they say bikes and cars can't get along.

Unrelated news

Protip: Rotary Park is on top of a hill, and there's not enough flat ground up there for a cross race. I've done a MTB short track there and we had like, 4 steep climbs per 6-minute lap. Remember to bring your legs if you're racing in Maine Saturday. And put down the ice cream.