Thursday, November 5, 2009

Canton Cup Cams

Sadly I've had a ton of issues editing video from my rear cam (it's HD, MP4, Widescreen) so I gave up on picture-in-picture for this week. I was able to render it but it has no sound; anyway, I'll put it on vimeo in a bit, and you can play them at the same time in two broswers or something. The rear footage wasn't too good, anyway.

I tried to make it up to you with a commentary-laden video of lap one.

Canton Cup Lap 1 from colin reuter on Vimeo.

Canton Cup Seat Cam from colin reuter on Vimeo.

If you sync these up it might be pretty cool. The seat cam starts about a second before the bar cam, so hit play on it first.

Final note: Put the seat cam on the HD setting, and watch at the 1 min mark. Look at Wilcox's Edge wheels spinning. IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!


Big Bikes 11/05/2009 12:01 PM  

Aw man, I exhausted myself hamming it up for the seat cam for nothing?

I feel robbed!

G-ride 11/06/2009 10:10 AM  

that tall CB dude on the green inglehart was killing you. opening gaps and cornering slow! gotta get off those kinda wheels (duh).

ps - I am sure he is a wonderful person.

G-ride 11/06/2009 10:12 AM  

Oh, I have a washer and stud dealio to fix that cam shake (god I feel drunk...blurry...wait, I may actually be drunk) and make pulling cam easier. Not sure why I used a bolt on the front. Thought the cam would spin. Bad Jerry.

G-ride 11/06/2009 10:14 AM  

man, the HD is stunning! What mount setup did you run in the back? I hope your old flip dies so you can buy another HD one.

Colin R 11/06/2009 10:14 AM  

Haha... that's RMM.

Colin R 11/06/2009 10:15 AM  

G-ride, I ran the original one you built, that that "extender" screw thing to get enough clearange to not hit the seatpost.

Angle is a little low, I will move it up for Noho.

G-ride 11/06/2009 10:36 AM  

you are kinda good at the twisty bits. what tires that day? files?

Colin R 11/06/2009 10:37 AM  

Grifo XS.

krausmc 11/06/2009 10:53 AM  

Colin, thats one of the cooler side by sides I have seen in a while. Really interesting.


G-ride 11/06/2009 11:33 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
G-ride 11/06/2009 11:34 AM  

oh, wait, confused again. that was just a faux Verge race. P123. Got it.

Man, the older I get the dumber I get. Its sad.

G-ride 11/06/2009 11:39 AM  

i have bolts to cut.

Colin R 11/06/2009 11:40 AM  

oh, but your monologue was going so well...

RMM 11/06/2009 8:07 PM  


Admittedly, I do not corner as well as Rooter, nor do I have his fitness. He was just scared to come around me since I had beat him in a training race in a nearly featureless, flat park about a week earlier.

G-ride 11/08/2009 7:48 PM  

You are in his head, that is half the battle. We all know what a head case he is.

Your killing it in B's, you must be able to corner and go fast! Hell you won the slopfest!

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