Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Green Mountain Cyclocross Day 2 Bar Camn

Not a typo. A "Camn" is just a cam that looks damnnnnn good.

Green Mountain Cyclocross Day 2 Bar Cam from colin reuter on Vimeo.

Lap highlights:
* Josh Lehmann arms hitting my brake hoods as he tries to avoid the scorer's table in the start
* A Keough crashing on the down/up and trying to go upstream with his bike to get out of the fray
* Greg Whitney getting cleaned out by an unknown Canadian on a 180
* Riding the rideup in traffic
* Slamming the door on someone (Matt Green maybe?) who tried to dive bomb me on the descent after the rideup.


rosey 9/21/2010 10:19 AM  

why are you riding linnea's bikes? did you sell both of yours?

Colin R 9/21/2010 10:20 AM  

I may have sold both of my bikes in the expectation I would get my BH in time for Vermont. I may be an idiot.

trackrich 9/22/2010 12:37 PM  

Thank God they took out that stupid turn around the shed. The scar on my hip from the little pointy rocks on that first 90 degree turn still hurts sometimes

G-ride 9/22/2010 7:32 PM  

wow that was nice! just the new wide angle camn, or did you make other changes?

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