The Future of

Back in the late fall of 2006, I started cross, started a blog, and started a website. All of these things are still alive, much to my surprise, 4.5 years later.

But it was dicey for bit, there.

I like to use the "transitional period in my life" excuse for pretty much everything around here, but in this case it's spot on. You want to throw everything into your life into stark relief, try breaking up with a girl you spent the last seven years of your life with. You'll question your job, your hobbies, your future, and pretty much every life decision you've ever made or plan to make.

And that's kind of awesome.

I'm serious. If your life doesn't hold up to scrutiny, then WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING WITH IT? You only get one, you know. You could get your teeth knocked out by a car tomorrow. Or something actually catastrophic could happen. Quit having dreams, and start making plans, because you never know when it could be too late.

But anyway, there ain't nothing like a woman walking out on you to ramp up the introspection. Don't knock it til you try it.

Thus endeth my acknowledgment of having emotions, thoughts or any other internal complexity beyond converting coffee and techno into code, watts, and bike handling. We now return to your regularly scheduled bro-tastic blogversation:

"So dude, I was like, I wanna ride bikes and program computers, right?"
"Yeah guy."
"But I also have this hobby thing that's kinda like, the ultimate fusion of those things, bro. So maybe instead of talking about how one day I might figure out a way to make money off it, I should get off my ass and start self-actualizing before it's too late, huh?"
"Word. Bro."
[Fist Bump]

End scene.

So shit was gotten together, emails were sent, valuations were crafted, phone calls were made, and when the coffee grounds settled I was left with an offer from to buy the site and work full-time for them.

Where exactly we're going with this isn't entirely clear yet; the basic premise was, if this is how awesome I can make the site working 10-hour weeks at night during cross season, then imagine how awesome this thing could be if it actually had forty hours a week and a paycheck behind it.

And, in 2011, you gotta admit that "internet awesomeness" is basically "value." The more you love cross, the more you wanna race cross, so the more races you're gonna register for on BikeReg! And then you see your results on crossresults, which gets you more excited to race cross again, and that goes into a feedback loop that ends with you spending 110% of your disposable income on bike racing, which is disturbing yet awesome totally normal.

All in all, I think we can agree that this was an AWESOME INVESTMENT by and that 'cross has now officially changed my life and I'm totally psyched for it. If you bought me a beer back in November, find me in the next month and I'll return the favor.