Cross nationals

This was going to be a totally awesome video of Ryan Trebon eating the field for lunch and winning the US National title. But then I taped over it the next day, before I could copy if off my camera, so now I have nothing but this little video of 196 B racers riding through the bowl and over the tree. Ordinarily this would be an impressive offering, but come on -- every other dude with a video camera there is going to have something intense footage of elite men to edit and put on the internet. AND THEN GET FAMOUS, AND HAVE LOTS OF E-FRIENDS. So that's a bummer, because I was pretty sure that a youtube video was my ticket to everlasting cross stardom.

Oh well. If you're a 35+ B racer, you're in this video. Hope you aren't someone who got stuck in the pileup that made me say "awww yeah."

One other thing -- that results website I was talking about is totally happening. I got set back about a week because the laptop I was developing on got stuck in my office because of the fire, but I've gotten it back now, and to prove I'm serious I bought the domain So I'm a nerd, but at least I'm not a liar.