Northampton Day 2 Videos

I actually can't put up the middle of the race (lap 3-5) until next week because I hit the vimeo upload limit. Whoops.

Northampton Seat Cam 2/3 Men Laps 1-3 from colin reuter on Vimeo.

Lap 3 contains my awesome barrier pirouette that Richard Fries severely understated as a "bobble." What happened is that I flipped the bike out to the side and hooked the front wheel on the wrong side of a stake, and had to spin 360 degrees while running to get it out.

Northampton Cyclocross 2/3 Men Laps 6&7 from colin reuter on Vimeo.

Lap 6 has Pat Goguen's barrier crash and Jon Bernhard's derailleur explosion (guess I was wrong about that breaking up the group!), Lap 7 has Ryan Rumsey's barrier crash and the final sprint, complete with me being a drama queen afterward. Both barrier crashes only have the audio and aftermath visible.

Race report revision: I watched the full video and the group splintered when a Verge guy (Sean Mannion I think?) had to put a foot down on the rideup and him and the four guys behind him all bottlenecked.