The Helmet Cam Is A Harsh Mistress

So I did this wicked awesome ride down Mount Wilson with Linnea and my brother last Friday. We climbed for three hours and then dropped over 4000 feet in 45 minutes, with 2600 of those feet coming on an awesome sidehill singletrack run, full of crazy-tight switchbacks and steep drops on the low side. Obviously we totally ripped, and I was only scared a few times, when there was a hundred-foot precipice to the left and the trail was only six inches wide.

Then I watched the helmet cam, and it turns out I'm kind of a wuss.

Hoegee Trail Mt Wilson Helmet Cam from colin reuter on Vimeo.
I was just complaining about how cameras don't adequately convey pitch and speed, or maybe it's just that by 2009 we've all seen so many insane bike videos that every time we shred the tiniest bit of gnar we think it's gonna come out like this.

In other words, I feel Thom's pain, but here is a video with some stuff I did set to some music I like, I hope you like it too.

King of Burlingame is coming up fast and only has 13 spots left at the time of this writing. Several 'cross nemeses/victims are on the prereg list so I'm hoping this whole vacation-to-business-trip-(to-50/50-grind-to-fakie) thing works as a surrogate for doing real base training.