Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Snow Farm

Yesterday's fresh snow and wind gave way to a calm morning and incredible blue skies today. Photo operations don't get any easier than this one.

Extra blue kick. -2 degrees C. Almost hot sun. Friggin' perfect.

Seriously, look at this place!

Friggin' look at it!!

If you're a dedicated North American nordic skier with some money (do those exist??), you could be here for roughly $1200 (Boston to Queenstown NZ -- 50k away). It would be the best $1200 you ever spent.

Even if you're a dedicated, albeit poor and nomadic, nordic skier -- the place is full of foreigners doing seasonal work. You could be one of them...while getting the best training/vacation/non-dryland August possible. If I was a proper nordic skier, I'd be here every year.

Oh, don't forget that you can connect many groomed trails via a few tele turns.


matt 9/03/2009 7:34 AM  

no helmets?

Mom 9/03/2009 8:41 AM  

Nice corduroy; got skate skis?

Big Bikes 9/03/2009 10:17 AM  

I'm literally speechless, no wise ass comments to utter, amazing stuff!


matt 9/03/2009 1:04 PM  

I'm back looking at these pictures... I can't wait until winter. Dreaming of a week in the hut at Stowe...

Cary 9/03/2009 1:42 PM  

Linnea is officially a bike racer. She is skiing in October clothes. I will still not be caught dead striding in bike clothes.

Colin R 9/03/2009 5:26 PM  

matt: nordic skiing isn't a helmet sport. Not enough hard objects or speed.

mom: we borrowed skate gear one day and classic the next.

cary: we had to pack light. i don't think this is a trend... although the jersey pockets sure were convenient...

Christopher Tassava 9/03/2009 7:38 PM  

Jealous. Again.

JB 9/04/2009 12:06 PM  

Damn, looks nice. Enjoy.

matt 9/04/2009 7:40 PM  

we want the race report and podium shot.

Congrats Linnea.

Brian 9/04/2009 11:20 PM  

Next stop World Champs?

Ari 9/05/2009 12:52 PM  

For another $300 you can go over to Melbourne, find a ride up to Falls Creek and ski a marathon World Loppet race on similar terrain. Of course, the Aussies are all freezing cold and they give you hot feeds when it is 40 and sunny.

And you'll probably have a higher result than any other WL race you'll ski. If I came in the top 100 with little training and having kept down one meal in the previous four days …

Still, I wish I had gotten over to NZ for ski season when I was over there (did get snowed on while tramping, of course).

MB 9/05/2009 7:14 PM  

wow wow wow

savor these days because we can't


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