More Snow Farm

Yesterday's fresh snow and wind gave way to a calm morning and incredible blue skies today. Photo operations don't get any easier than this one.

Extra blue kick. -2 degrees C. Almost hot sun. Friggin' perfect.

Seriously, look at this place!

Friggin' look at it!!

If you're a dedicated North American nordic skier with some money (do those exist??), you could be here for roughly $1200 (Boston to Queenstown NZ -- 50k away). It would be the best $1200 you ever spent.

Even if you're a dedicated, albeit poor and nomadic, nordic skier -- the place is full of foreigners doing seasonal work. You could be one of them...while getting the best training/vacation/non-dryland August possible. If I was a proper nordic skier, I'd be here every year.

Oh, don't forget that you can connect many groomed trails via a few tele turns.