Downeast Cyclocross Day 2 Bar Cam

Jerry has been doing good work up in his crazy Vermont enclave. As the seatcam's #1 fanboy he took it upon himself to fashion a proper handlebar mount to increase the footage that can be captured. I picked up a second flip cam with the hopes of being the king of dual-cam dorks, but it was too muddy to actually run the rear one.

Here we have lap one, in all its jerkiness. The camera mount is rock solid, make no mistake, but when you're riding in 4 inches of quagmire you tend to make a lot and handlebar movement. So the camera is all over the place, especially on the gnarly downhill that half the field crashed on.

Downeast Cyclocross Day 2 Lap 1 from colin reuter on Vimeo.

When you're done watching this, you should really check out Kirt Fitzpatrick's bar cam from the same day, since he was leading the race and whatnot. He's using a GoPro wideangle camera, which does an amazing job of reducing the bar shaking with the angle. Plus the fisheye makes him look CRAZY FAST. Which just might be because he is.

Let's be honest, his video is tiiiight. I gotta raise my game before Jerry divorces me for a faster guy with better editing!
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