A Great Face for Radio

Next time someone says to me, "I don't think you're a big deal," (this happens daily), I am going to send them to this post to correct them. Why am I a big deal, you ask? Because I was on the radio. On the internet.

You might think "oh, he means a podcast," but I assure you I don't. Podcasts are small time. Radio is big time. Do you not also gather with your family each night to listen to it? I rest my case.

(Dorky side note -- it's been exactly 61 years today since the War of the World broadcast. If you've never read about it, you should.)

So yeah, I was on a podcast, except they called it radio, because it was live, but you can listen to it later (like a podcast), which I guess a lot of people do. So if you want to hear me on the radio-cast, you can download the October 27 show from here. I make an appearance starting around the 43 minute mark. If you want to listen to the whole show in your browser, it's here, but you can't fast forward (?).

My overall impression of the experience was very mixed. Hearing it later, it's amazing to see that I was on for seven minutes; it felt like two minutes. We definitely didn't cover a lot of stuff that we could have, but on the other hand, we're mainly talking to a road cycling audience that is only dimly aware of cross. I think. I think I could have done a better job leading them with some of my responses, too. Clearly they wanted to talk about nemeses and victims, but I was unable to actually segue into it.

This talking business is hard. Hence the reason I stick to hiding behind websites. Oh, and don't get me started on the trauma of hearing your own voice played back. I don't sound like that! Do I?

To further support the idea that I am a big deal, here is current leader for "best photo of me, ever." This is the on the only fun part of the entire New Gloucester course. I'm pretty sure I had my tape-hooking incident directly after this; no surprise, look how fast I appear to be going!

It was taken by Natalia McKittrick, who has the best talent/mass ratio of any photographer in New England. If you have an important event to photograph (like, say, Thom's wedding), you should give her money to attend, the results seem quite good.

And thus endeth "the most narcissistic blog post ever, until the next one!"