Hazards of the beer feed

My previous race report mentions "two IF riders" but if you look at the results there is only one IF rider listed. Was I hallucinating that second black and green jersey? Hmm. Perhaps I was. But wait...

From the Cambridge Bikes guys:
Jon Bruno on IF took a beer feed from us mid race which unfortunately led to a DQ. (those officials are hiding out in the trees) Maybe it was the beer mug socks he was rocking that tipped them off.

Funny thing is, I remember coming through with one to go with the IF guys and the offical saying as we rode past, "you two, after the race." Burn.

I for one am glad that the scourge of the beer feed was eradicated! We must be ever vigilant against people having fun while racing bikes.

Preemptive disclaimer: Yes, I realize that you probably aren't allowed to have open containers in Shedd Park and you aren't allowed handups of any kind. And if the right people complained to the city of Lowell, BRC could lose the venue, blah blah blah.