Good Places to Have a Mechanical

Wednesday night I headed over to the Mecca of Bostonian weeknight cycle-training, Eastern Ave. Riding over, I seemed to have some shifting problems going on -- pedal, pedal CLICK pedal pedal CLICK pedal pedal CLICK. For some reason my bike felt like it wanted to shift gears every other pedal stroke. Weird...

Of course any mechanic should have read that last sentence and thought "bad link" to themselves. I got exactly four hard pedal strokes into my first interval, and since my legs were putting out 2000+ watts at that point, BAM, no more chain.

Since I'm too dumb to ride with a chain tool, it looked like my day was over, and I'd be scootering home like the chump I am.

But wait!

What is that I spy in the distance?

A figure, clad almost entirely in white, why, it must be a guardian angel!

And indeed it was. Yash is the man with the tool that saved my day. Tell your (lady) friends!