One Reason I Prefer Mountain Biking

Below is the latest post to the New England CX Yahoo Group. The bolding is my addition.

These deep-dish (50mm) carbon tubulars from Shimano have never been
taken out of the box, and sadly, I need to sell them. Raced a set of
these last year, and they're some of the fastest and strongest wheels
I've ever ridden.

$1500 or best reasonable offer. Can send photos, and can likely
deliver to many New England races.

I would just like to point out that for $1500 you can build a good enough mountain bike that you will never be at a significant competitive disadvantage. You'll never stand on the start line and look at the guy next to you, and think to yourself, "wow, he bought himself a significant advantage."

I blow enough money on bike parts as it is. Thank god I don't road race.