Vaguely Resembling a Big Deal

Just got my "late winter" copy of CX Magazine -- apparently they made some bad decisions regarding bulk mail -- and was pleased to see that I (well, was featured.

Ok, not featured like the ebay sandbagger guy ... but blurbed in his section.

Check it out.

Like any magazine copy, it's an approximation of what I said in a few emails to the CXMag editor. The "encourages hecklers to hold their tongue" bit is from Gloucester -- I told him about Cort's ride and how, having a total of 5 upgrade points before the weekend, he couldn't possibly have ridden the 2/3 race.

This past Saturday Linnea and I went for a ride with some people from the internet. It turns out that they have been doing exactly that which I mock.

It kind of became a "get shelled" contest for the two of us. Linnea won.

In other news... 4 hour Otis ride!

More fun than real training. Biking riding ain't my job.