Bonus Content

I know there's some nordies still reading this, and I'm sure many of you enjoy opportunities to read/pick apart my best attempts at prose. So, you might be interested in an article I wrote on ski throwing over on nordic commentary project.

In other boring commuter news, anyone remember that crazy thunderstorm that came through Boston around 5:30 yesterday? Yeah, I was trying to ride home in that. I was not successful.

It was a cool experience, since I didn't get electrocuted. It wasn't even raining in Inman Square at 5:30, but when I looked up Hampshire Street toward Somerville I was like, "hmm, I can't really see the buildings down the street so well through that fog."

Then I noticed the "fog" was coming towards me at 25 mph, and was actually a wall of rain.

I couldn't find an overhang in time so I ducked behind the downwind side of a building. For the first few minutes, it was raining sideways so hard that I fared much better than the mass of people I could see across the street huddling under an awning as rain flew under it. Eventually the leading wind gusts passed by, and I was forced to find better shelter.

All in all it was a pretty cool thing to be outside in. I especially liked how all the bike commuters-- who ordinarily don't talk to each other-- were very chatty as we rode directly at the black clouds just before the downpour started. The camaraderie of shared stupidity, I guess!