Critical Posting Mass

Alrighty, none of these things are blog-worthy on their own, but when you throw them all together they become just barely worth the effort to write down. And read. I think.

1) I had a motorist say "thank you" to me the other day, no joke. They wanted to go right on red, I was in the way, I moved, they thanked. It's almost like we were sharing the road. And yes, that's why I'll tell you how to ride in traffic. Hint: not two abreast.

2) My friend Alex has this insane scheme to make money by selling baked goods at Wells Ave on Sunday. This strikes me as a lot of work for a little money, but that's because I consider baking work. I am, however, intrigued by the idea of a person become a professional bake saler, and I know that I am easily separated from my cash when offered post-race snacks. Perhaps it will be an inspirational story of how one girl exploited hundreds of hungry cyclists to fund a ski career. In any case, if you're one of the few Boston roadies that will read this between now and Sunday, think about the phrase "cupcake prime" for a few moments when you're making weekend plans.

3) It's going to be 92 degrees on Sunday. Good thing we don't race 'till 2 pm. It will surely be cooling off by then... right? No? Crap. Expect the next race report to prominently feature the word "cramp."