The ProTip to end all ProTips

Alright, so usually when I say I have a protip for you it's something stupid. It's often barely a tip and certainly not pro. But this time it's different, ladies and gentlemen. This tip is wicked pro.

Ok, so it's summer in Boston. You're commuting to work, you finish your ride and think, damn, I'm wicked haaaaht, I can't roll to my cubicle like this. Some people solve this problem with a shower, but I bet most of you lazy-asses solve it with the ubiquitous Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee.

Since 50% of Boston businesses are Dunkin Donuts shops, you're never more than a few steps away from that iced goodness. You drop your $2.50, get your drink, start guzzling and head to work.

The problem is, it's cold. It's refreshing. And it's chock full of ice. You take a few, nice, deep swigs, and then it's kicked. If you're like me, you're already making that empty-drink-gurgle with your start before you even sit down to work. And to think you just paid $2.50 for a drink that lasts 3 minutes!

Today's ProTip is get your iced coffee from Au Bon Pain. Most other iced coffee vendors give you the same 60% ice cube drink, but ABP lets you make your own. It's just like self-serve soda, and it's only $1.80 for a 16 oz. Drop 5 ice cubes in there and the fill the rest of that sucker with coffee. It's cheaper than DD, you get far more coffee than DD, you don't get a terribly diluted drink after 5 minutes like DD.

The only downside is that now you've got 16 ounces of iced coffee in your hand and it's wicked easy to slam that in all of 10 minutes, too. And then you're effing wired, which makes you write blog posts!