Does This Count As A Brick

This past holiday weekend linked up nicely with a 17-day break from racing and allowed me to actually do some of that "training" stuff that other people like to write about. A more dedicated racer would have been out there doing a variety of powertap-driven interval workouts, but 1) I don't own a powertap 2) I was in northwestern Maine. If you think I'm going to go do some boring workout when I'm in place custom-made for epic rides (because you can't do a loop shorter than 30 miles, because there are no road, ha!), you might be a roadie... and not a very fun one at that.

Alienated yet, or should I keep going?

Anyway, 10 hours in 3 days is surely worth something, especially with 24 hours of GG coming up (I care a lot more about that than Nationals). The high/low light of the weekend was riding solo from Bethel to Augusta, which provided me the opportunity to firm up the ole tan lines, and stop for ice cream when I ran out of water. I ended the ride with a shortcut that ended up being a dirt road, and as luck would have it I flatted on the last five feet of dirt (where are the big, sharp rocks had collected). My spare (patched) tube didn't hold air, and I'm too cool to carry a patch kit, so that's the end of that.

My cell phone failed to conjure up a ride out of thin air (why am I even carrying that thing, then?) so I had to walk the last 3 miles. I had awesomely broken the buckle on one of my shoes in last weekend's Super D crash so my right shoe was a little bit loose...and 45 minutes of walking later, I arrived at my destination with a quarter-sized blister on my heel.

Worst. Cross-training. Ever.