Mount Snow Nationals Pictures

Wow! I hadn't taken a week off from work in a long time. It was sweet. A more serious blogger might have mentioned that he was going into the internet-free void, but hey, I bet you got over it. A full-on breakdown of how I navigated every single loose pebble on the work road climbs is coming (sneak preview: it's easier if you walk), but for now, the photo highlights:
Unrelated to Mt Snow, but relevant to my vacation -- Niagara Falls is wicked impressive up close if you ever get the chance to see it. And thank god for the sign, or I wouldn't be alive to type this.
Adam Craig is too fast to keep in the frame.Jeff Schalk is too fast to keep himself upright.

Cary going about 30 mph on lap two of the short track, a decision he will soon regret.
Pierre paying the price for entering a short track involving Jonny Bold.
"DO YOU WANT CLAMATO ?!?!" we screamed at James each lap. Apparently, he did.
Singlespeeding: A good way to be tailgunner on lap one of a short track. Don't worry, he moved up.
Monty graciously allows a younger gentleman to pass.

Weekend housemate Matt O'Keefe thoroughly enjoying not going to the hospital
Thom P getting intimate with his bike on the climb.
This is the look of a man so desperate for a good result, he finally shaved his legs.