Double PSA

A quick midweek post while I'm attending a conference!

PSA #1: There's a Wednesday night training race at Harvard these days. I don't really get into the whole training race thing, because MORE INTENSITY isn't exactly what I'm after when I'm doubling up every weekend. But a lot of people love that stuff, and someone sent me a cool graphic, so check it out:

PSA #2: Northampton Verge is pre-reg only. This is a calculated move on their part, I guess, because knowing the entire contents of your race fields before the day of the race is a good think. On the other hand, everyone who makes the reasonable assumption they can reg day-of gets totally screwed over. You might argue that everyone who is serious will prereg to get a good callup, which means you forgot about people with series points or in the UCI categories.

Personally, I think it's kind of a dick move, but whatever, it's their race and they can do what they want. The important point is, if you aren't registered for Noho by midnight Thursday, you ain't racin'.