More Canton Videos

I put the rest of the Canton footage up. There's not too much excitement there, although various people you might know get some extended face time. I added the "script" after each video so you can jump around to whatever you want to see... and I also edited out the sections with no one behind me.

Lap 2/3 cast of characters:
Josh J
Soren Klingsporn (DKNY crash dude)
Pete bradshaw (Hybrid bike dude)
Todd Rowell (crashed in front of me)
Scott Dolmat-Connell (Metlife dude)

Laps 4-7 cast:
Scott Dolmat-Connell
Pete Smith (Cambridge bikes)
Robbie King softpedaling (Rite Aid kit)
Robbie King smoking us
Brian Hughes (blue fastsplits kit)
Guenter Hofer (at the very end)

I'm in Toronto this week, the flying home to race on the weekend, then flying to Los Angeles (out of Albany so I can race Wicked Creepy) for the next week, then back for the Noho VERGE. This will be by fifth week on the road in the last 10.

So I'm just saying, if my form falls off a cliff at some point, I won't be especially surprised.