Let's do it Internet!

Hi Internet.

I need a favor.

So part of being on a team is that everyone once in a while I have to "contribute" to the "cycling community." We all know this is stupid, because really -- screw bikers. I can't think of any reason why I should help run a cross race, can you?

Anyway. Saturday I have to go help build the Canton Cup course. My primary function will be to talk people out of anything resembling a straightaway ("why not put the finish line in a chicane? seriously, why not??") and dump water on the corners when people aren't looking.

This is all well and good, but it means I can't go race at New Gloucester on Saturday. Here's where the favor comes in, internet. I need you to go race for me. Because this race rocks, and lots of people should be there. I was hoping to be part of "lots of people," but I can't.

Here's some incentive.

Pro 1/2/3 Elite Women 45 minutes 1:00 PM $25 $500/8
Pro 1/2/3 Elite Men 60 minutes 2:00 PM $25 $1000/15

Yeah, that's right, 15 deep in Elite Men. And $1000 isn't chump change, that's gonna to pay 15th place $20 or something. And being up in Maine, the Elite race is gonna have 20 people in it. If you're a Cat 3 scrub (you have no idea how badly I want to make that link to someone's blog), you can still GET PAID in this race. Heck even Ryan got paid here last year, and I think he got lapped.

If money doesn't do it for you, how about an appeal to your emotions?

They're wicked good guys up they-ah, this is the last surviving cross race in Maine! This year they're going up against Mansfield and giving out tons of money. If they don't get a good turnout, they might pull the plug on one of the best cross courses out there!

Do it for your Maine crosser brethren. They drive down here every weekend to play with you.

Not sold? You're cold and heartless and would rather see cross become nothing but races in downtown Boston because you don't want to drive, even though gas is basically free these days??

Let's go to the videos of one of the funnest courses around.

And don't forget a true classic:

You should watch that one even if you live in Kansas and skipped the rest of this post.

Come on internet. Don't let me down.